SBCGlobal Login

Sbcglobal Login

SBCGlobal is an eminent emailing server provider in America. This service came up from the merger of Yahoo and ATT but now it is fully owned, controlled, and run by ATT itself. This emailing platform holds a prominent place in the user’s personal as well as professional life since the time it came into existence. Now, this email service has discontinued. Existing users of SBCGlobal can continue to use their emailing service. Although, no further users can come up and create a new SBCGlobal account. Only the existing users can access the mails and perform the SBCGlobal login process via the ATT login webpage. 

If you too are an SBCGlobal user and want to know the process for performing the account sign in via “”, then we are offering the thorough process for the same. Everything that you need to know about the account SBCGlobal login is provided here, in this article.

Access your SBCGlobal Account By Signing Into It


SBCGlobal emailing service offers some beneficial features that make it a prominent leader. Some of its key features are remarkable security, a simplified interface, easy navigation, great content, and more. To get access to several features, you have to conduct the SBCGlobal login process. The process for account sign in is fairly simple and uncomplicated as compared to other processes. To help you out with the procedure, we are discussing the SBCGlobal Email Login process below. You need to execute all the stated steps cautiously in order to enjoy a seamless procedure.  

  1. The first move of SBCGlobal login is to run a web browser that you generally prefer to use. Any of the browsers can be used for the login process. However, all you need is to update your browser to its latest version.
  2. Next to this, you have to proceed to the login window using the correct web address. The URL that will redirect you to the preferred window is “”. Type in the accurate web address in the available field and press the Enter key which is placed on your keyboard. 
  3. In the next window that prompts on your screen, lookup for the “Mail” option. This tab is positioned on the upper-right corner of the ATT Email homepage. Hover your mouse cursor over it and an extended option will show up. 
  4. Press the “Sign In” link in order to get access to the SBCGlobal email account.
  5. Doing so, the login window will come into your sight. Here, you will find two distinct tabs seeking your login details. One of the tabs is for user ID and another is for the password. 
  6. Start by providing the accurate SBCGlobal user ID. The email address you use here must be the one that is linked to your SBCGlobal email account. 
  7. Then, move to the password field. Enter the associated account security passcode. Every character of the passcode must be entered carefully in order to complete the process without any errors. 
  8. In addition to this, you will also get the option to save the credentials on your computer system for future login processes. Opting to save the details by tick marking the checkbox will help you to skip the SBCGlobal login process for 2 weeks and access your account with ease. While you choose this option, make sure you use your personal computer system so as to reduce the risk of unlawful account access. 
  9. Once you are done filling all the tabs with the appropriate information, you can confirm the Sbcglobal Login process by tapping the “Sign In” button.

Use SBCGlobal on Third-Party Interface


There are several reasons why a user doesn’t want to use an emailing platform whose service they have purchased. Some of the common reasons are complicated mailing interface, technical problems, server down issues, etc. In such a scenario, you can move to another emailing portal to access your email account. Some of the commonly used portals are Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, mobile mailing applications, and more. All you need is to add your SBCGlobal Email account to the third-party interface. Doing so you can access your SBCGlobal emails on another platform. In order to configure your email on Gmail portal using mail server settings, you have to follow the steps stated below. Ensure that you follow each step carefully to complete the task without hiccups.

Note- Only the accounts created to 11 June 2011 are eligible for configuring on a third-party interface. 

  1. Commence the process by opening a browsing application on your computer. 
  2. Now, launch the email client i.e. Gmail on which you want to configure your SBCGlobal account
  3. Make sure you have a Gmail account registered beforehand. Next, you need to sign in to your Gmail account using accurate login details. 
  4. Upon signing in to your account, look for the Settings gear icon on the screen’s uppermost right corner. 
  5. Click the icon and choose “See all Settings” from the extended options box. 
  6. Then, you have to look for the “Accounts and Import” option. You can find this option at the very top corner of the screen. 
  7. Followed to this,  seek for the section named as “Check mail from other accounts”. Click the link provided in this section so as to add your SBCGlobal login account. 
  8. A new screen will now come up. Here, you have to invade your email address of the account that you want to add i.e. SBCGlobal. Enter the exact same email address that you use for SBCGlobal login. Then, hit “Next”.
  9. Then, you might be asked to provide the account security password too. Input the password carefully in the placed field and tap “Next”.
  10. After that, SBCGlobal mailing server settings are required to be filled in. For this, you first have to pick your preferred incoming server protocol i.e. IMAP or POP3. As per your selection, enter the following mail server settings.
    • POP3

      • Inbound server-

      • Inbound Port- 995

      • SSL- Yes

      • Outbound Server-

      • Outbound Port- 465


    • IMAP

      • Inbound server-

      • Inbound Port- 993

      • SSL- Yes

      • Outbound

      • Outbound Port- 465

  11. Further, tick marks the checkbox stating “Leave a copy of your mails on the server” option. You will find a few other checkboxes too. Tick Mark the one you preferred. 
  12. Finally, click the “Add Account” option and the process will start off. The transfer of your SBCGlobal login account to the Gmail interface will take a couple of minutes to get completed.
  13. Once it’s done, you can enjoy your SBCGlobal email account on a new interface with better features and easy accessibility.

Solutions to Fix SBCGlobal Login Failure Issues


While attempting to perform the SBCGlobal login process you might face several difficulties in terms of error messages. It is common that you run into such problems. Also, there are easy-to-perform solutions available that will help you in eradicating these error messages easily. If you too are facing such issues while signing in to your account, then, you must check the below-mentioned error rectification steps.

  1. The very first step of the error resolution is to check the network connectivity. Week, unstable, or poor internet connection is the main reason backing the error messages. Hence, you first have to try resetting your internet router. Also, ensure that there are no obstacles between the internet router and your computing device. 
  2. If the error persists, then you must examine the credentials that you have invaded in the login fields. While you enter the username and password, you must keep in mind that the credentials are case-sensitive. Hence, lower-case and uppercase letters are also typed the same way as used. 
  3. Another step that you must try is to reset your password. The process for the password reset is:
    • Run a web browser and move to the sign-in webpage. This means, enter “” in the address field of the browser. 
    • Then, you have to tap on the “Forgot Password” link which you can easily find under the password field.
    • As you click, a window will pop up seeking your email address and your last name. Enter both the details correctly in their respective fields and confirm your human identity by tick marking the checkbox. 
    • Then, you have to tap the “Continue” button. 
    • Now, choose either you want the temporary password for your identity validation or you prefer to answer the security question. Pick your preferred option and fill in the details. 
    • Next to this, the field for creating a new password will turn up. Create a password i.e. secure, strong, and unbreakable for your account. 
    • Once you confirm the creation of a new password, you can try the SBCGlobal login process using the new passcode.
  4. There are few other troubleshooting procedures that you can try for rectifying the error such as try using an incognito window, clear cache or other unwanted files from the system, check the email server settings, or try disabling the firewall.